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We are the hands that transform the seed in health to you.

We are the hands that plant and water. The hands that harvest and welcome with care. Hands that work together with skill, dignity, and diversity. The hands that produce the food and take care of us. We are all hands together for a more sustainable life. We are Sousa Ribeiro.


Become a world reference company in sustainable production and marketing of guarana and cocoa.


Offering high quality natural products, certified, traceable, fair, supported by a positively differentiated service and communication, which result in ethical, sustainable business, generating pride and results for our suppliers, customers, employees, and partners.


Ethics in relationships; Honesty as a principle; Transparency in attitudes; Respect for traditions, local culture, and the past; Seriousness in business.

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We have a lot to take care of, we have a lot to reap.

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