As a provider of Corporate Consulting services, Sousa Ribeiro was not a surprise in terms of organization. I know Roberto Lessa and his discipline and ability of setting and leading teams for many years. My surprise was to notice the team’s high level of commitment and motivation, far above my expectations, as well as the company’s forward-looking vision, embraced by everyone in order to make it a reality. It will surely be one of our reference customers.

Ângelo Veiga
Ângelo Veiga Chief Executive Officer of Instituto Planos

To work with Sousa Ribeiro is always a rich experience, full of learning. Noticing in practice the care for its business and the commitment with its values makes the company a reference for its partners and an additional motivation to implement new projects.  

Augusto Leal 
Augusto Leal  Árvore Criativa Founder

Sousa Ribeiro is a company of people who love what they do, who are good in what they do, and who believe that what they do helps to make a better world. It all is accompanied by focus, assertiveness, and lightness. Marcativa works gladly for this type of customers. We are proud to be by Roberto Lessa and his team along this inspiring journey of success and fulfillment.

Aline Lazar de Sá
Aline Lazar de Sá Managing Partner of Marcativa Comunicação Estratégica

I learned a lot since I started working at the company. Sousa Ribeiro stands out among other companies in the field, always observing the specific features of all involved parties and stimulating new ideas.

Wolfgang H.S. Ruhsert
Wolfgang H.S. Ruhsert Associate

To speak about Sousa Ribero is to speak about a company that is very important for our Ituberá. They provide a solid assistance to the farmers who have a trade relationship with them. They are not restricted to the commercial link, we notice a seriousness regarding the technical assistance and the consultancy to help and direct the farmers. They also seek to work with a fair market price. Sousa Ribeiro brings a positive impact to the Southern Low region. We are proud to have them as partners; they carry the name of Ituberá to 16 countries in the word.

Taylor Secretary of Agriculture

From the plantation to you.

Bom Jardim Farm13°32'56.64"S / 39°11'22.73"O.

Puranatus. Products for the final consumer.

Guarana Powder. First product of the line.


Identification of the guarana batch

Connection with nature.

Pancada Grande Waterfall,Ituberá, Bahia

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