I have been working at the company for 4 years, and acquired several experiences in this trajectory of mine, while intending to acquire a lot more. I also met humane and wonderful people. We are recognized and valued. The company is continuously investing in the intellectual growth of its associates, and always seeks to collaborate on social actions of this municipality. I am very proud to be part of this team.

Joyce Associate

In 2005, I was invited to start the company Sousa Ribeiro and set a team. The initial pass came down right at my feet, with the mission of promoting family farming and strengthening the local cooperatives. We scored the goal! I have been satisfied for 12 years for being able to perform a well-succeeded job, believing in four principles: DISCIPLINE, which leads to RESPECT, which leads to RELIANCE, which leads to FRIENDSHIP. I do not see myself working and collaborating at another place. I am investing in my personal and professional development here.

Alcione Associate

Sousa Ribeiro is a great company. I believe it still has a lot to grow, counting on the help of local farmers and thus helping many more people.  

Elza Farmer from Comunidade Mata do Sossego

Sousa Ribeiro is a company of people who love what they do, who are good in what they do, and who believe that what they do helps to make a better world. It all is accompanied by focus, assertiveness, and lightness. Marcativa works gladly for this type of customers. We are proud to be by Roberto Lessa and his team along this inspiring journey of success and fulfillment.

Aline Lazar de Sá
Aline Lazar de Sá Managing Partner of Marcativa Comunicação Estratégica

I learned a lot since I started working at the company. Sousa Ribeiro stands out among other companies in the field, always observing the specific features of all involved parties and stimulating new ideas.

Wolfgang H.S. Ruhsert
Wolfgang H.S. Ruhsert Associate

From the plantation to you.

Bom Jardim Farm13°32'56.64"S / 39°11'22.73"O.

Puranatus. Products for the final consumer.

Guarana Powder. First product of the line.


Identification of the guarana batch

Connection with nature.

Pancada Grande Waterfall,Ituberá, Bahia

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